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Wed, 29 Sep 2010, Worries remain over tactical weapons…

The process, by definition, covers only weapons with delivery systems of 5,500 km or more. But Lithuania is more worried about short-range, or ‘tactical’ weapons deployed by Russia near its border. In particular it fears ‘nuclear landmines’ - devices the size of a large backpack which can be carried by paratroopers behind enemy lines and which can destroy infrastructure or render whole valleys impassable.

Darius Semask…

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LITHUANIA is a state in Northern Europe which has borders with Latvia, Russia, Poland and Belarus. Across the Baltic Sea lies Sweden and Denmark. Lithuania covers around 65 thousands square kilometers. The only official language in Lithuania is Lithuanian. Lithuania as a state is a parliamentary republic with internal division of 60 municipalities. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius. Lithuania is a member of NATO, and the European Union and the Council of Europe. In 2009, Vilnius was the European Capital of Culture and Lithuania celebrated the millennium of its name.